What Therapies I Offer

The type and style of therapy will depend on each client and difficulty you bring. How we work together and what we do in the room will be a collaborative decision between therapist and client.

I am informed by a number of techniques such psychodynamic psychotherapy, systemic therapy for couples, families and individuals, Schema Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).

I am a member of the Johannesburg Psychoanalytic Couples Psychotherapy group

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 Schema therapy has proven to be very useful in personality and relational difficulties.  It helps clients understand how the coping mechanisms they developed in their earlier years to help manage difficult situations may no longer be so helpful and may even be getting in the way now. This can be especially true when two people come together in a relationship, each with their own outdated ways of coping.

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Individual adult therapy

Couple Therapy


Online Therapy

Adult Mental Health Assessment
Parental mental health
Psycho-legal Assessments